Monday, January 28, 2008

San Jose CIM project CBA

San Jose’s first CBA was completed in relation to the downtown development of a residential retail and entertainment complex. The negotiations were led primarily by labor groups, and the coalition, which also included housing, small buisness and neighborhood groups, gained leverage in negotations because of the $40 million in subsidies being sought by the developer. The CBA was completed and incorporated into a development agreement in 2003. Included among its provisions were a living wage requirement for the developer’s employees, a project labor agreement (i.e. an agreement to use unionized labor during construction), affordable housing requirements, a plan to help establish small businesses, a commitment to help set up a day care facility, and a promise to seek business tenants that would provide living wages.

As of early 2008, the CIM project is still under construction. Working Partnerships USA reports that all of the developer’s commitments have been fulfilled to date, and they will continue monitoring the CBA’s implementation when the project is completed in 2009.

The CIM project CBA was fully incorporated into the development agreement. For the memorandum accompanying the development agreement, click here.

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Charles Bradshaw, PMP said...

Thanks for the cool blog. I have worked on Project Labor Agreements in the past and I think that they are great tools for extending opportunity to people that have been historically underrepresented. One PLA you might have an interest in is the MAPLA at the Port of Oakland.