Friday, March 28, 2008

Yonkers Alliance for Community Benefits

In Yonkers, NY, a coalition has formed to negotiate a CBA with the developer, Struever Fidelco Cappelli, over its multi-billion redevelopment plans for the city. At present, SFC has expressed a willingness to bargain, and the coalition is building its numbers.

The organization Scenic Hudson has prudently reminded the community that people should not let public hearings on a CBA distract them from SFC's preliminary draft environmental impact statement, which will soon be the subject of its own public hearing.

For more information, see this article and this entry on the Yonkers Community First Development Coalition's blog.

Update: May, 14, 2008.
The Westchester County Business Journal reported on May 3 that most of the city council members "support the idea of community benefits," although the specific benefits being sought by the Yonkers Alliance for Community Benefits have not yet been detailed. A spokesperson for SFC also said that the developer "is willing to work with any planning group that wants to meet."

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