Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday's CBA news.

  • Organizers in Pacoima finalized a CBA for a new shopping center. The CBA has a good local hiring program and also prohibits the developer from renting space to check cashing companies. The project itself will benefit the community by improving what's now a brownfield, and by bringing jobs and new retail to the city. See Kerry Cavanaugh, Mayor Saw Potential in Costco, Pacoima Pairing, The Daily News of Los Angeles, Jul. 28, 2008. For an update on the project, see this January 2009 press release from the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency.
  • In Richmond, the city council hasn't wasted any time getting the CBA fund committee set up--they appointed themselves.
  • And the Yankees Stadium Community Benefits fund, although it was delayed it getting set up, has finally given out some major grants. The New York Daily News reports that they gave out $261,000 to 15 grant recipients yesterday.

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