Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CBA talk in Oro Valley, AZ and Newark, NJ

Just a quick mention that CBAs have recently been discussed as policy tools by officials in Oro Valley, Arizona and Newark, New Jersey.

In Oro Valley, the town council agreed to support the use of CBAs at a meeting in August. The town planning and zoning director suggested that the town could maintain a list of approved mediators/facilitators for CBA negotiations, and a member of the planning and zoning commission emphasized how important it is for the community to have access to development information and to be educated about the development process.

In Newark, Deputy Mayor Stefan Pryor had some comments about community benefits at a panel about "the New Newark." As reported at the AtlanticYardsReport, Pryor emphasized the need to limit subsidies and encourage development that gives back to the community. He asked, "Will a project deliver jobs for our residents? Will a developer commit to a First Source compact where jobs will go to Newark residents first? Small [and] minority business contracting and green building sustainability are among our criteria." While not mentioning CBAs specifically, Pryor's remarks reflect an awareness that development should be accountable to all community members and equitable in its effects.

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