Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New York City Bar Association panel on CBAs

The New York City Bar Association last night held a panel on CBAs. Audio is available here, and you can read recaps at Atlantic Yards Report and Noticing New York.

The panelists generally agreed that the CBA process in New York would be improved if signatories didn't accept payments from developers and if CBAs included better enforcement provisions. Additionally, they agreed that some CBA provisions, like living wages and local hiring, should be enacted as city-wide policies, and that the city's land use review process should be changed to allow more meaningful public input. Some of these changes just might happen. Al Rodriguez, General Counsel to the Bronx Borough President, said that next week a living wage bill will be introduced in City Council, and there have been murmurs of late that the Charter Revision Commission might deal with land use and community planning (see, for instance, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's Recommendations to the Charter Revision Commission, and recent news that the commission will hold a land use "issue forum").


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