Tuesday, February 19, 2008

University of Minnesota-Northside Community Partnership

The University of Minnesota has proposed to develop a research facility in Minneapolis that will consist of centers for early education, business and economic development, and a mental health research center. Local neighborhood organizations have been facilitating communications between the university and community through the University-Northside Partnership, which envisions a working relationship that enhances the quality of life in north Minneapolis through the investment of resources in health, education, and economic and employment opportunities. The citizen participation and community development organization for the area, Northside Residents Redevelopment Council (NRRC), has asked the university to commit to these community benefits in a CBA. Elements of the proposed University-Northside CBA include:
  • a long term contract for accountability for private development and facility ownership;
  • employment opportunities and a workforce that accurately reflects the surrounding neighborhoods;
  • development designs that are reviewed by community members;
  • utilization of community businesses for contracts and services;
  • environmentally sound development; and
  • educational opportunities for local residents.
More information can be found in a report by the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, and on NRCC's website.

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