Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on Yankee Stadium

Matthew Shuerman of the New York Observer, who's been covering CBAs for quite some time, has an audio piece on WNYC about Yankee Stadium. He talks to residents about the project and the CBA, and to Michael Drezin, the Bronx's lawyer and spokesman. Drezin was responsible for the delays in distributing money from the CBA's community fund because he "mistakenly told the IRS that it would be a nonprofit organization." The application was denied because the fund should have been described as a private foundation. Like any good lawyer, Drezin blamed this oversight on his accountant. Shuerman also speaks with Bettina Damiani from GoodJobsNY in the piece. She cogently points out that the community should have been involved in this CBA from the beginning.

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