Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More on the Columbia expansion.

The Observer ran an article yesterday, Zero Hour in West Harlem, that looks at the coming eminent domain battle in West Harlem.

Also see Will Columbia Take Manhattanville?, which was published a few months ago, for background on the opposition. (Although I don't agree with the statement in this article that "relying on negotiating a community-benefits agreement before decisions about land use and zoning are finished amounts to 'purchasing' planning decisions." In the Columbia expansion case, where the CBA was negotiated primarily by local elected officials, this might be somewhat true. But that's not the way that CBAs are supposed to work--land use decisions and CBAs should inform each other, but neither should eclipse the other.)

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Anonymous said...

The cynical Columbia secret bosses be messing with Obama the way they do with their cynical Bill of Rights and all their cynical superstition based initiatives. Every time something good be going on at Columbia they tried to stop it. This is why Columbia be needing to lose in Manhattanville just like they did in Morningside Park in 1968.