Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shaw District update

In an editorial in Sunday's Washington Post, OneDC raised concerns that affordable housing in the Shaw District might not be built. The concerns center primarily around Parcel 42, which was supposed to be affordable at 60% AMI. Now, the city claims that this level of affordability is no longer feasible. The editorial also mentioned the CBA for a related property, Parcel 33, which is intended to be the site of Radio One, a large radio station targeting primarily black, urban listeners, and other private developments. The CBA "explicitly linked developing 100 percent affordable housing at Parcel 42 to the development of Parcel 33". Yet, "[m]ore than three years later, while the Community Benefits Agreement remains unrealized, the city is moving forward to build market-rate apartments and Radio One's headquarters on Parcel 33."

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