Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another CBA in Pittsburgh?

The Tribune Review is reporting that the Pittsburgh Stadium Authority delayed its approval of a $27.5 hotel by 45 days so that the developer can "have a dialogue" with North Side UNITED, which is seeking a CBA (North Side UNITED is affiliated with One Hill, I believe).

Bill Peduto, the city councilman who proposed the delay said that the land at issue is some of the most valuable land in western Pennsylvania, and the developer's exclusive right to develop it is analogous to a public subsidy. Mr. Peduto also stated that "it's not just about the hotel development, it's about the future development that occurs between the stadiums as well and making sure that it connects back into the neighborhood."

Does this mean that Pittsburgh is changing its tune about CBAs? Maybe. The mayor hasn't commented on the possible hotel CBA yet, though.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Northside United and One Hill are two independent community groups, each organized to an extent by Pittsburgh UNITED. At this point, they're two separate entities sharing some of the same advisors and PR staff.

Northside United was formed in response to the Casino on Pittsburgh's North Side; One Hill was formed later, in response to the hockey arena in the Hill District.

The One Hill issue "got hot" first, but they are in two very different situations. There are bomb-throwers on all sides in the Hill District; Northside United is reasonably *at peace* with the casino developer and at peace with itself.

In my own opinion -- this was indeed a victory for NS United. How meaningful a victory will be learned by what takes place during the next month or so. The opposition knows this is all about control over process over time.

JenEngland said...

Bram has it close but not quite. The One Hill Coalition is a community coalition. Pittsburgh UNITED (, is a member of the One Hill Coalition and provides support (tactical, labor, communications). Northside UNITED is a campaign organized by Pittsburgh United. Northside UNITED seeks to get CBAs primarily for the casino and ancillary development associated with the Casino and "North Shore" development. I work for Pittsburgh United as a Communications Consultant. I tried to email you, but for some reason it didn't work. Please feel free to email me if you have further questions regarding the CBA efforts in Pittsburgh that you cannot find an answer to! Jennifer England

aki said...

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